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DBA T3 5000 Series Two-Piece Slotted Brake Rotor - Single Rotor
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The DBA 5000 series is a direct replacement two-piece disc brake rotor, designed for drivers seeking performance braking. The DBA 5000 series disc rotors consists of two main components: the aluminum center hat and the cast iron disc rotor. These two components are bolted together with NAS (National Aerospace Standard) bolts and lock nuts, hence the term 'two-piece' rotor. The main advantage of a two-piece rotor is the ability to allow the cast-iron disc rotor to expand and contract uniformly as the temperature rises and falls during brake application. The benefits of this is minimal distortion and warping of the cast-iron disc rotor.

The Aluminum mounting center hat is made from super-light 6061-T6 Aluminium material, as used in aircraft structural design. The thermal conductivity and high strength of hat allows it to handle large temperature changes.

After decades of design and development with race teams around the world, Disc Brakes Australia developed a proprietary cast iron (XG-150) for use in all of its premium performance disc brake rotors. This specially formulated iron is rich in carbon and alloyed to produce excellent thermal characteristics, which is a key factor in the production of the casting, combined with patented 'Kangaroo Paw' ventilation design. With its supersaturated solution of carbon in an iron matrix, the excess carbon precipitates out in the form of graphite flakes. The morphology of these graphite flakes provide excellent thermal properties, increasing the thermal shock resistance and allowing it to survive rapid thermal cycling with core-heat levels of approximately 1290ºF and above.

All DBA T3 5000 series rotors are slotted; slotting limits the possibility of glazing your brake pads and allows better 'pad-bite' under extreme braking conditions. Slotting constantly improves the disc pad friction face by wiping away the impurities and resins in the friction material.


- 2-piece design allows disc rotor to expand and contract uniformly reducing thermal stress
- XG150 High Carbon Alloyed Iron increases thermal capacity of the rotor
- Proprietary TSP heat treament process strengthens iron for resistance to cracking and warping
- Slotted friction surface increases pad bite and minimizes glazing
- Thermo-Graphic paint markings for effective heat monitoring